gas transmission

Gas transmission

Zinfra's Gas Services Transmission is responsible for the operations and maintenance of over 3,500km of high pressure gas pipelines in TAS, VIC, ACT, NSW, QLD & NT.

Our team is highly skilled and trained to carry out preventative and reactive maintenance across high pressure pipelines, pressure reduction facilities, compressor stations, turbine and reciprocating engines and gas processing plants.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Project Management and Engineering, Design and Construction Management including construction and commissioning in accordance with Australian Standard AS2885 relating to brownfield and greenfield projects:

    • Gas Pipelines - Pipeline Protective Coatings, Hydrotesting

    • Gas Pressure Regulating Facilities

    • Gas Compressor Stations and Ancillary Facilities

    • Civil works including pipeline easement rehabilitation

    • Pipeline Pigging

  • SCADA systems, design, installation and commissioning

  • Cathodic Protection systems, Design, Installation and Commissioning