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Zinfra is committed to conducting its procurement activities by engaging suppliers that are capable of delivering goods and/or services of quality, on time and within budget. This is achieved by implementing a framework that evaluates a supplier’s capability and competence to provide the goods and/or services safely prior to engagement and at regular intervals throughout the term of the relationship between Zinfra and the supplier.

Zinfra procures a diverse range of goods and/or services requiring rigour in our procurement processes and practices. It is essential that we work collaboratively with our suppliers in a manner that builds and enhances our strategic sustainable relationship.

Zinfra’s Procurement Policy aims to ensure that in all procurement activities:

  • purchases are sourced from established suppliers who comply with all legal, safety and regulatory obligations;

  • our 'safety first' principle is adhered to at all times

  • cost is minimised and “value for money” is maximised;

  • purchases are appropriately planned (i.e. correct quantity and quality purchased in accordance with the specifications);

  • suppliers are properly engaged and evaluated so that the commercial, financial, legal and operational risks involved are minimised;

  • the highest standards of ethical conduct are observed; and

  • purchases are authorised and contracts executed in accordance with the delegations of authority.

Zinfra’s suppliers are required to comply with the standards and conduct detailed in the Supplier Requirements document (which also outlines our 10 safety non-negotiables)[Contractor Safety Obligations Acknowledgement]. Zinfra may request suppliers to complete questionnaires that help us to identify, understand and assess the commercial, health safety environment and quality (HSEQ), financial and operational risks. From time to time suppliers may also be required to complete a template to confirm that the supplier complies with the contract terms and/or the scope / specifications. The links to these documents are detailed below.

Worker Authorisation System (WAS) 

The Worker Authorisation System (WAS) is the system we use at Zinfra to store and access the licenses and insurances of field based Contractors and the verified licenses, competencies, inductions, and training of all Field Workers. All field based Contractors, their workers and their subcontractors are required to be registered and compliant in the WAS prior to commencement of work in the field. A Field Worker will need to keep their WAS card with them on-site and present it when required to do so by a supervisor.

The Worker Authorisation System (WAS) is a cloud based solution managed by Pegasus. This solution also stores the pre-verified company level licences and insurances of field working Contractors. Refer to the Pegasus website for more information including the applicable terms of use, their privacy policy and other relevant information. In addition, refer to the WAS website for more information relating to subscription costs, and other associated information relating to WAS.

Note: Field based Contractors and their subcontractors who work and operate within the Victorian Electrical Supply Industry (VESI) will continue to manage their VESI training, authorisations, and network inductions of their workers in the Electrical Supply Industry (ESI) worker portal. They will however also need to register their business in the WAS.

Safety and Stop Work Authority

At Zinfra, the safety of all people conducting work on our behalf is our number one priority. Our SAFE Commitments and Values guide us in creating a work environment that allows people to speak up, share their views on safety and always put the wellbeing of themselves and their peers first. Our commitment to safe work encompasses the below guidelines:

  • All employees will have 100% support to stop unsafe work every time and any time.

  • We do it safely or not at all.

  • We always have time to do it right.

  • You have the authority to stop a task if you believe an unsafe act is being performed.

  • There will be no repercussions to you when you stop unsafe work.

Respect at work

As part of our ongoing commitment to creating a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace, we are committed to implementing measures to proactively prevent sexual harassment, sex-based discrimination, hostile work environments and victimisation in the workplace. This focus is aligned to our Group Values, our Health and Safety commitments and our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging aspirations. This commitment extends from our team members to any other person, including our customers, contractors, and visitors, who interact with our organisation.

Modern Slavery 

At Zinfra, we are committed to sustainable procurement, and we have a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery throughout our supply chain, consistent with our disclosure obligations under the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth.).  By returning the requested information to us you are confirming that you have read and understood our Modern Slavery statement published on our website.

Supplier documents

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands upon which we operate and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

Pictured: Artwork by Aboriginal artist Chern’ee Sutton from Mount Isa for our Group’s Reconciliation Action Plan.