Zinfra's Graduate Program gives you the edge to further your career goals and aspirations in a thriving company.

At Zinfra we think about the future today

Australia’s energy system is changing. Fast. 

Kick off your career with an exciting role playing a part in the energy transition towards net-zero and in a business positioned to be a key player in our low carbon future.

If so, our graduate program may be for you! Our Group, which consists of Zinfra, a trusted delivery partner to many power and gas asset owners, and energy infrastructure company Jemena, is looking for graduates eager to join Australia’s dynamic energy sector and who can shape our transformation towards our net-zero future.

What’s in it for you?

The Group Graduate Program is designed to identify, select and develop talented individuals who can make a difference to our organisation. The program is a component of our ’growing talent internally’ approach. Throughout the program, graduates will broaden their skills, knowledge, and competencies within their discipline and areas of interest while receiving structured development, ongoing learning, mentoring and networking.

Job Rotations: Graduates rotate through four distinct roles, each lasting six months and increasing in responsibility over time, but crucially exposing them to multiple opportunities for development and grounding the program in skill acquisition.

Development Program: To complement on the job learning, our graduates will complete a formal Development Program. The program provides an opportunity for graduates to develop their knowledge of our industry, while also developing skills to set them up for the rest of their careers. As part of the program graduates will complete modules in the following areas:

  • Business/Financial Acumen

  • Foundations of Leadership Skills & Brand Building

  • Digital Transformation

  • The Future of Energy & Renewables

Each semester will have specific learning outcomes that each graduate will need to achieve, including building relationships across the Group, working together to solve issues and presenting information to demonstrate understanding.

We believe the topics that are covered in each of the semesters will set our graduates up with the knowledge they need to be successful, not only in their placements but their future careers.

Buddy and Mentor Support: You’ll have the support and guidance of a mentor, a year two graduate and will be able to tap into the network of alumni graduates as well.

Register your interest in our 2024 graduate program here.


Where is the program based? That depends. We have opportunities across the eastern seaboard. The majority of our corporate team is based at our Head Office in Melbourne’s CBD when not working remotely.

Depending on the type of role a graduate applies for, they may be based at one of our many locations across the country including our corporate offices in Sydney and Melbourne, or one of our many regional locations across the country. Location details will be included in each individual job advertisement.

How many graduate positions are available and in what areas of the business are they? The number of graduate positions available varies from one year to the next. As an example, we took on eight graduates in 2022. Disciplines that typically feature in our graduate program include Finance, Digital, Corporate Affairs, Human Resources and Engineering (mechanical, electrical, chemical and civil).

When does the graduate program start? February 2024.

What happens when the program finishes? We aim to retain great talent and we work with you to explore your options towards the end of the program.

What is the eligibility criteria? To be eligible for our Graduate Program, you must:

  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident on the date of application

  • have completed undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the last three years

  • be available to commence our full-time two-year graduate program in February 2024.

  • have a credit average across university results

  • upload your proof of working rights and a copy of your academic transcript as part of the application process.

Zinfra has a strong diversity and inclusion program and supports a healthy work/life balance. We encourage applicants from a range of backgrounds including applicants who may require support or adjustments. If you’re an applicant with a disability and require adjustments to the recruitment and selection process, or require an alternative format to the application process, please contact our recruitment team at

Learn more about diversity and inclusion at our Group.

Our graduate stories

Alex Batir – Graduate Project Engineer

What attracted you to the Zinfra Graduate Program?

With such dramatic changes occurring in the energy landscape, I wanted to be a part of shaping its future. This, coupled with Zinfra’s strong personal development program and mentorship, was what attracted me to the program.

As a graduate, I was looking for a program that would broaden my skills and give me exposure to areas of the business that I took interest in. While a two year rotation is planned and mapped out for you from day one, Zinfra’s Graduate Program is flexible and allows you to modify it along way with business units that peak your interest. The program also offers the support of a mentor, which gave me the confidence to navigate the transition into a corporate career.

Being in your second year of the program, what have been the opportunities and learnings that you have experienced so far?

The thing I’ve learnt most from my time in the program, is to take on any new opportunities or projects that you’re presented with. Having worked alongside industry experts and leaders in their field, they offer a wealth of knowledge and are truly there to challenge you and help you succeed.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to manage the day to day activities and planning of jobs for the Metering and Servicing function of the business. This role gave me full responsibility of making decisions, to ensure that the field crew’s jobs were managed correctly and were profitable. This was a fantastic opportunity and has greatly enhanced my critical thinking and planning skills.

What’s been the best part of the program?

One of the best parts of the program was being able to go out to site and observe the work the field crew do. From pole removals/installations to underground connections, this hands-on experience offers a different perspective to the work done in the office and helps to solidify your knowledge. From this experience, I had gained a deeper understanding of the electricity network, from a highly technical aspect that the field crew were able to provide.

Ricky Chiu - Graduate Project Engineer | Projects & Construction

As part of your first year in the program, what kind of learning and exposure opportunities have you had in your day to day work?

Zinfra understands the value of mentorship programs, and they offer new engineers the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals in the field. Mentors can help new graduates navigate the challenges and opportunities of the engineering profession, providing advice on career planning, networking, and professional growth. My experience with my mentor has been a valuable tool for me entering the engineering profession as it can help accelerate learning, provide support during challenging times, and help build a network of professional contacts.

In addition, Zinfra offers me the chance to gain hands-on experience on construction sites. As a graduate engineer, you may be involved in a variety of tasks, including monitoring progress, overseeing work, inspecting equipment, and ensuring safety regulations are being followed. This experience can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the construction process, enabling you to identify potential challenges and solutions. We believe that this hands-on experience can help you become a well-rounded engineer with a deep understanding of your field.

What has been the highlight of your experience so far?

The Malabar Biomethane Injection Project has been a remarkable opportunity for me as a graduate engineer to gain practical experience and technical knowledge in sustainable energy production and distribution. As the first renewable gas to grid project in Australia, it has provided me with insights into the challenges and complexities of implementing such projects.

During my involvement in the project, I had the chance to work with multidisciplinary teams, including experts from various fields, which enabled me to acquire engineering and scientific knowledge beyond my area of specialization. Additionally, I gained an understanding of the technical, environmental, regulatory, and stakeholder aspects of the project.

Through this experience, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of sustainable energy production and distribution and how it can contribute to a more sustainable future. The knowledge and skills I acquired during this project will undoubtedly be valuable in my future career in the energy industry, where I can contribute to developing and implementing sustainable energy solutions. Furthermore, being part of a project with the potential to have a significant impact on the environment and society has been truly inspiring and rewarding.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for the Zinfra Graduate Program?

The Zinfra Graduate Program presents a valuable opportunity to initiate a career and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the workplace. Through the acquisition of specialized knowledge and skillsets beyond what is learned in university, the graduate program has the potential to confer a competitive edge in the job market and promote career advancement. Overall, pursuing the Zinfra Graduate Program can offer numerous benefits, including gaining advanced knowledge and skills, access to more career opportunities, and personal growth.

Hannah Mawby – Corporate Affairs & Marketing Graduate

"Rotating through Jemena’s graduate program has been both challenging and rewarding, providing an exciting and invaluable insight into the energy industry.

The program’s emphasis on training and education has been instrumental in developing my understanding of the energy industry, while the support and guidance from my managers and the broader business have equipped me with the skills needed to succeed as a future communications and marketing professional.

Unlike other entry roles, the program allows grads to rotate through different business units and work with other teams, which has exposed me to a broad range of people and perspectives, provided opportunities to collaborate on complex matters and diversified my overall skill set and understanding of the business.

Overall, the best part of the graduate program has been the level of exposure and opportunities afforded to the grads since day one. I have found that if a project piques your interest, even if it is not directly related to your role, your managers and mentors will go above and beyond to get you involved, which has led me to explore a range of interests and work outside of my immediate rotations. To have these opportunities so early on in my career has been fantastic and led me to work on some really exciting projects with great outcomes."

Amanda Abdel-Nour - Finance Graduate

"The Graduate Program at Jemena has provided me with a great opportunity to consolidate and enhance my learning, to draw on the experience of various teams and to apply myself to a diverse range of tasks from which I have been able to broaden my skill set and explore my interests.

In my role as a Finance Graduate, I have completed two rotations so far, both of which have offered very different perspectives.

In the first rotation, I was provided with a balance of general and specific training to understand the financial reporting and budgeting process and its application within the business. The rotation was complemented with detailed information sessions with the finance teams I wasn’t scheduled to undertake a rotation with, which meant I still had the chance to learn about their job functions and to expand my network in conjunction with completing the scheduled two year program.

The second rotation offered an agile learning approach as it led me to look into the details of the industry. Every day brought along different business scenarios, which meant that I was constantly expanding on my technical skills, developing my ability to approach a challenge from many perspectives and absorbing new ways of working.

The program structure has best positioned me to connect and learn of the vast wealth of knowledge within the business and in comparison to when I first started, I definitely have more of an understanding as to what area in accounting I want to develop my career in."

Sarah Papas – Data & Analytics Graduate

"After a year of the graduate program, my experience so far has exceeded my expectations and I'm so grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had throughout the program. I began the first of four rotations in the analytics team where I was placed on a project and had the opportunity to learn what it is like to be a data engineer, while my second rotation was in data architecture. Twelve months into the program and not only have I learnt so much about each role, but have also seen the benefits of understanding how teams function and work together within Jemena.

I have realised that even though one of the rotations may not be your end goal, it is still useful to undertake, be in their shoes, and understand the broader picture. I was surprised with the opportunities I have gotten outside of each rotation such as working alongside my manager and GM to help create the Data Literacy Program and present this to large groups around the business. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming and I am very excited to start my last two rotations in data science and business information/data warehousing, being mentored by experts in these fields."

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands upon which we operate and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

Pictured: Artwork by Aboriginal artist Chern’ee Sutton from Mount Isa for our Group’s Reconciliation Action Plan.