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Enter the dynamic energy sector with Zinfra

At Zinfra, we think about the future today.

As the leading and trusted delivery partner to many power and gas asset owners, we are
making a positive contribution to Australia’s energy infrastructure using our industry
expertise to achieve the right outcomes every day. That means we take a long-term
perspective to how we deliver to the electricity and gas industries, select and support the
right talented people who want to build their career in energy and be part of our future.

Every year, we seek out the best talent to be new apprentices and trainees who will become
new generations of expertise and innovation in the industry. We also identify existing talents
and offer them opportunities to further develop their careers within Zinfra.

We are building the capability of the industry through our graduate and apprenticeship
programs. When you join Zinfra, you become part of a team of diverse, inclusive and
passionate people working together to deliver exceptional outcomes, benefitting the whole

In 2024, Zinfra welcomed 62 new apprentices and trainees, commencing in both Power and
Gas businesses across four states, with orientation programs held in both Victoria and NSW. Our Program is actively promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace - including race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

Our program is comprehensive with a strong focus on execution of tasks to aid practical
learning, working on some of the most exciting energy projects being delivered around the
country partnered with effective training by external providers.

Zinfra apprentices and trainees are chosen through a robust selection process, then
inducted into our company and partnered with one of Zinfra’s skilled team to mentor them
throughout their journey. The Apprenticeship Traineeship Program has the full support of our
leaders and is closely managed by a passionate team. We are committed to providing a
range of job rotations to enhance learning on-the-job and we have developed a range of
career pathway options to assist our Apprentices to plan for their future.

Since 2012, more than 259 apprentices and trainees have completed their programs, an
outstanding completion rate of more than 80%.

Register your interest in becoming a Zinfra apprentice or trainee by joining the Zinfra
Talent Community, powered by Live Hire where aspiring employees can connect to us
by building their own personal profile.

Our Apprentice and Traineeship Stories

Justin Petrovski – Apprentice Gas Service Technician (second year)

As a Gas Apprentice (Gas Service Technician) what does your role involve?

My role involves installing, repairing and maintaining the gas network across Sydney making sure it is safe and operating as it should for our customers. A significant portion of the role involves responding to gas emergencies when they arise and to ensure the safety of our people, customers and the public. In my role, I travel to many different suburbs, streets and houses doing a wide range of gas related jobs. This means that no two days are the same, which is big reason as to why I love my job.

What have been the opportunities and learnings that you have experienced?

Throughout my apprenticeship I have been able to meet and work alongside many different people across all different areas of the business. Because of this, I have had the opportunity to see quite complex work, some behind the scenes work and overall have been able to build a very strong understanding of the gas industry as a whole, which betters me in my role. I have also had the opportunity to work alongside some of our longest serving workers in the field and they are a big reason as to why I have built so much confidence in my role.

What’s been the best part of the program so far?

My favourite part of the program so far has been the opportunity to see all the different sides of business. I am a person who likes to dive into things a-bit deeper and to know the “why” behind what I’m doing. Being able to visit and work in multiple areas of the business has allowed me to understand the business and the industry on a deeper level and has made me a better, more knowledgeable Gas Service Technician.

Why do you think this is a good career pathway?

You’ve only got to look at how long some of our workers have been with the company to realise that this is a good career path. The apprenticeship program is a great way to introduce you to the industry and train you up for a long lasting career. You’re well paid, you are working for a very big organisation, you’re respected, you’re well looked after with many additional benefits and there are so many further opportunities beyond your apprenticeship if you wish to explore them.

Kirsten Tang  - Gas Apprentice (Distribution Gas Service Technician) – Third Year

As a Gas Apprentice, what does your role involve?

Learning and understanding the correct procedures of working safely on the gas distribution network. It is a combination of technical skills and knowledge, customer service and effective communication as well as problem solving and using your own initiative.

What have been the opportunities and learnings that you have experienced so far?

The fact that I get access to specialised training and equipment, not available to just anyone. I never really used tools prior to this job besides Allen keys and basic screwdrivers so to be taught how to use a vast range of tools including four-wheel cutters, benders, road drills, cracker-jacks, pressure gauges and be shown how to work with copper, nylon and PE pipe has really developed my mechanical skills.

What’s been the best part of the program so far?

The best part of the program for me has been two-fold - first of all when I was finally given the go-ahead to work unassisted and prove that I have been well trained and am a capable, competent productive team member. Second, I went through a stage last year where I had a lot of self-doubt about how well I was progressing, but when I shared my doubts with my trainers, they were incredibly supportive and encouraging and made me realise that the company only wants me to succeed, and that if I need help, all I have to do is ask.

What opportunities are you looking forward to?

Like I said in my interview, I wanted a job that would be an investment in my future in Australia, and this is exactly that, I have been given a job for life and want to build it into a strong successful career. I'm very happy in my current role but would be free to apply for other roles that may interest me in future, so the flexibility within the company is very appealing.

What were you doing prior to starting this apprenticeship?

I was working as a supervisor traffic controller, but before that I had a long career in hospitality and was using traffic control as a steppingstone to make my way out of the industry and find a trade I could invest myself into.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for the Zinfra Apprentice and Trainee Program?

Applying for a job with Zinfra is one of the best things you could possibly do for yourself.It's not just a job, it's a career, and from what I have seen so far, the gas industry has such a small staff turnover.  Most of the people I know have been with the company or in the industry for many years and for good reason. I've never felt so secure and supported in a job before ever and I will never take it for granted.The Apprenticeship I applied for is as a Distribution Gas Service Technician, a role I genuinely enjoy working as, but there are so many more opportunities that you could progress to eventually if you so wish as the company promotes internal progression to different areas. If you put in the effort and show you are worthy, this company will help you grow and succeed.

Danial Monaghan – Apprentice Electrician

Meet Danial, who completed an Electrical Apprenticeship with Zinfra in 2023.

Here Danial talks about the key projects he’s had the chance to work on, as well as the highlights of his apprenticeship and what he is looking forward to as part of his next step.

Highlights from an Electrical Apprenticeship journey
Hannah Ibrahim – Apprentice Electrician (third year)

How far into the apprentice program are you and what does your role involve?

I’m currently in my 3rd year of my 4-year apprenticeship. It’s classed as an Electrical Fitter role, however it falls under the broader Electrical Apprenticeship, which means I am able to apply for my A Grade Electrical Licence once complete. 

The various day to day roles of an Electrical Fitter include testing of high voltage electrical switchgear such as circuit breakers, isolators and earth switches. We also install & maintain electrical equipment, repair and troubleshoot electrical systems, and adhere to safety guidelines.

What have been the opportunities and learnings that you have experienced so far?

I’ve learned a great deal throughout my apprenticeship so far. A big part of the job is understanding how the electrical switchgear such as transformers and isolators operate mechanically. So being able to help fix problems that arise when equipment such as these break down for various reasons has been really beneficial to my learning. 

What’s been the best part of the program?

The program offers a lot of opportunities for career progression and most importantly a supporting learning environment which I really like. You get hands on experience and are mentored by people that have worked in the industry for over 15 years. 

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for the Zinfra Apprentice and Trainee Program?

I would say do your research and come prepared for an interview. Competition for apprenticeship programs can be daunting, so putting effort into your application and demonstrating your commitment and enthusiasm will help your chances of standing out. The Power Industry is a great career pathway and there are plenty of opportunities for growth and training, so if it’s something you’re interested in then just back yourself and give it a go. 

Hannah's journey: A day in the life of an Apprentice Electrician

Phillipa's journey: A day in the life of an Apprentice Electrician

Zinfra Transmission Linesman Apprenticeship

What can you expect when you become a Zinfra Apprentice or Trainee?

Follow your interests and choose a career path in a range of different areas such as
Electrical, Gas or Project Management and a program duration from 12 months to four
years, comprising both on and off the job training.

Our apprentices and trainees regularly attend off-the-job block training with Registered
Training Providers such as Holmesglen TAFE, Tasmania TAFE, TAFE NSW, NECA Engineering Institute of Technology and TAFE Gippsland, who provide you with the critical foundation knowledge and basic practical skills for your Apprenticeship. All of Zinfra’s Apprentice / Trainee on-the-job-training is supervised by qualified tradespeople and employees according to industry supervision guidelines.

Throughout our program, you will be required to rotate through a variety of working
environments and locations to ensure you gain the required skills and knowledge for the job,
maximise your development opportunities and help you gain a thorough insight into the
industry in which we operate.

Where it can be demonstrated that you have satisfied specific competencies through
previous study or work experience, you can apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL).
However the decision to recognise RPL will be solely based on the evidence provided and is
awarded at the discretion of the relevant Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who you
are enrolled with.

Currently we have 135 Apprentices / Trainees in the program undertaking the following trade
qualification training:

  • Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

  • Certificate III in ESI – Distribution Underground

  • Certificate III in ESI – Distribution Overhead

  • Certificate III in ESI – Transmission Overhead

  • Advanced Diploma of ESI - Power Systems

  • Advanced Diploma of Industrial Data Communication, Networking and IT

  • Certificate III in Gas Supply Industry Operations

  • Certificate IV in Project Management

  • Certificate IV in Surveying and Spatial Information Services

  • Certificate III in Business

Application process and timeframes

You can enquire about Zinfra’s Apprenticeship Program at any time by contacting us through Zinfra Talent Community where we recommend you build your own Live Hire Profile.

An online application is required when our program is advertised.

Shortlisted applicants who meet the required criteria will be contacted to undertake next stages which usually comprises a video interview, an aptitude test, phone interview, panel interviews and practical assessments (apprentices only), and background checks (two referees, residency, police check and a medical). Successful applicants will receive an offer and a confirmed start date.

All unsuccessful candidates are notified by email.

For all enquiries, please email

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands upon which we operate and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.

Pictured: Artwork by Aboriginal artist Chern’ee Sutton from Mount Isa for our Group’s Reconciliation Action Plan.