Statement on Blanch Street Preston Incident

Man in hard hat in front of a road excavator

Current as at 4pm Thursday, 7 December 2017

Zinfra confirms that earlier today a Zinfra and Jemena employee were injured and transported to the Alfred hospital as a result of an incident at the Blanch Street distribution sub-station in Preston.

It is understood the individuals were injured while carrying out routine electrical connection work for a new apartment complex adjacent to the sub-station.

We can advise that both the Zinfra and Jemena employees remain in the Alfred hospital where they are receiving treatment for injuries sustained as a result of this incident.

Jemena is working with WorkSafe and Energy Safe Victoria to investigate the cause of the incident which, at this stage, remains unknown.

Zinfra and Jemena are providing both employees' families with the support and assistance they need.

For further information please contact Jemena's Media Manager on 0428 742 804.