Women at Zinfra

Women at Zinfra

We are committed to supporting and inspiring women in the workplace and offer a safe, diverse, and productive work environment which recognises and rewards performance.

At Zinfra, we value diversity, and offer a safe, friendly and productive work environment which recognises and rewards performance. Testament to this is our leadership team, which is made up of 50% female representatives. This is well above the industry average and something that we are extremely proud of as an organisation. 

Having a diverse range of opinions, perspectives and lived experiences on our leadership team means we are in a great position to make the right decisions, and offer exceptional services and support to our clients. But it’s not only leadership roles that we are keen to see women fill at Zinfra. 

We are also working hard to attract more women into operational roles, such as construction and project management. These types of roles have been historically male dominated, but are becoming increasingly popular among women. Our comprehensive and inclusive graduate, intern and apprentices programs are helping to drive this interest even further, with several young females currently participating. 

We also understand that women can come up against significant barriers throughout their career, and are sometimes faced with difficult choices around raising a family and pursuing their career goals. Our leaders are incredibly supportive and accommodating when it comes to work-life balance and flexible work arrangements, which helps to remove some of those barriers and allow our female employees to thrive.

Our inspiring female leaders talk about their careers up to and including their current roles at Zinfra. They bring to the company a wealth of knowledge and varied skills, which they developed working in a series of very interesting roles that not only embedded their love for the industry, but inspired them to aim high in their careers and support others striving to do the same..