Investing in people means preparing them for a long career in the industry

Emily Bushell

Project Support Officer

Career snapshot

I never thought much about what I wanted to do career wise before joining Zinfra. I worked in retail for 8 years from the age of 15, and was working full time in retail when I realised retail wasn’t what I wanted to do forever.

Going to university wasn’t a pathway I saw for myself because I was keen to dive into something new and learn skills on the job along the way. So I started searching for roles on Seek and came across a Business Admin Traineeship with Zinfra. Despite having little relevant experience, I decided to apply, and within a week I found out my application had been successful.

Since joining Zinfra, I’ve moved around in various roles and gained exposure to many different parts of the business. I’ve gained skills in calendar management and organising conferences, among many other useful skills I now have under my belt. As part of my traineeship, I’m also completing a Cert III in Business Administration. I had the option to attend classes in person, but decided to study online because it worked in better with my life.

In 2019, I was very proud to receive Zinfra’s Trainee of the Year Award at the annual apprentices and trainee awards night. Since then, I’ve taken on a role as Project Support Officer, supporting a range of people across the business, including Health and Safety. The role carries a range of responsibilities including reaching out to remind Health and Safety team members of any upcoming actions that are due, recording meeting minutes, supporting the Leadership Team with onboarding projects, and generally helping the Projects and Construction team by filling any administrative gaps.

Working at Zinfra

I always felt that in an industry like this, you’d have to know someone to get your foot in the door and progress, but I’ve learnt that’s definitely not the case here. If I decided to throw my hat in the ring for a different role, I know I’d have the support of my managers and peers to navigate the road to get there.

In terms of culture, the thing I like most about working for Zinfra is the freedom. Retail was very routine and structured, but here I have flexibility with my start and finish times, as well as the option to work from home. Everyone is helpful in every which way possible – I’m always able to reach out for support. I’m constantly being taught tips and tricks, and better ways of
doing things along the way.

Diversity and inclusion

Zinfra doesn’t expect you to fit into a box. They hire people who love wearing pink or are a bit on the quirky side, like me. I moved from a company where quirkiness was part of the job description. So in moving across to a more corporate company like Zinfra, I wasn’t sure I’d fit in. But they didn’t consider my appearance as a mark of my professionalism, and I’ve
only ever been judged on my work.

Also, the majority of people I work alongside are females. It’s a wonderful and supportive team to be a part of. Zinfra are dedicated to hiring a younger generation of people to grow within the business and take it forward into the future too. I really appreciate having a number of people my age to work amongst each day.

Career opportunities

If you’re thinking about joining Zinfra, all I can say is - just do it! I thought the industry was really high-end and I wouldn’t be able to get a foot in, but I did. I work with everyday people, and it’s not at all intimidating. Zinfra also truly invests in people. They don’t just train you,
they prepare you for a long future in the industry and hopefully with the company.

The training and growth opportunities continue long after you’ve completed your traineeship too. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to pursue a variety of career pathways, from Business Unit Coordinator to Personal Assistant, as well as complete additional certifications. Essentially, what I’d like to continue doing for the foreseeable future is being the person behind the desk whose job is to help people.