Working with us


Zinfra is committed to conducting its procurement activities by engaging vendors that are capable of delivering goods and/or services of quality, on time and within budget. This is achieved by implementing a framework that evaluates a vendor’s capability and competence to provide the goods and/or services safely prior to engagement and at regular intervals throughout the term of the relationship between Zinfra and the vendor.

Zinfra procures a diverse range of goods and/or services requiring rigour in our procurement processes and practices. It is essential that we work collaboratively with our vendors in a manner that builds and enhances our strategic sustainable relationship.

Zinfra’s Procurement Policy aims to ensure that in all procurement activities:

  • purchases are sourced from established vendors who comply with all legal and regulatory obligations;
  • cost is minimised and “value for money” is maximised;
  • purchases are appropriately planned (i.e. correct quantity and quality purchased in accordance with the specifications);
  • vendors are properly engaged and evaluated so that the commercial, financial, legal and operational risks involved are minimised;
  • the highest standards of ethical conduct are observed; and
  • purchases are authorised and contracts executed in accordance with the delegations of authority.

Zinfra’s vendors are required to comply with the standards and conduct detailed in the vendor requirements document. Zinfra may request vendors to complete questionnaires that help us to identify, understand and assess the commercial, health safety environment and quality (HSEQ), financial and operational risks. From time to time vendors may also be required to complete a template to confirm that the vendor complies with the contract terms and/or the scope / specifications. The links to these documents are detailed below.